RRCF Brochure
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With the goal of increasing the health and longevity of our beloved ridgebacks, RRCF, in partnership with such respected organizations as the Canine Health Foundation, funds specific research into the most pressing illnesses facing the breed today. Your donation will help in the search for causes and treatment of both genetic and non-genetic diseases.


Through sponsorship of seminars, educational events and literature, both within and outside the RR community, RRCF provides information about the care, health, development, training and ownership of the Rhodesian Ridgeback, as well as the role responsible breeding programs play in the future of the breed.


People fear what they do not understand. RRCF is invested in the study of the history and character of the Rhodesian Ridgeback and seeks to promote an accurate portrayal of the breed to the public, as well as encouraging the awareness of and involvement in the many activities that enhance the lives of our companions and ourselves.

Financial Information is available upon request. Please contact Chris Demery at chrisdemery2@gmail.com